Fatima creating biofertiliser
Lisa Marie David

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Kin is 一分六合彩鈥檚 magazine which features insightful stories about the work you're supporting to build a fairer world for everyone.

September 2023

Hear from Philip Goodwin, Chief Executive of 一分六合彩, on what you can expect from this issue of Kin and why 一分六合彩's work is so important right now:

"Peace is essential in building successful, functioning communities. And yet, conflict continues to cast a shadow over so many lives.

"On pages 4-7 you can read about how past conflict in the Philippines continues to impact lives. Taps, who is pictured below, was one of many children made to join the frontline as a child soldier who now faces prejudice and discrimination from neighbouring communities.

"It鈥檚 so sad to hear the stories of these young people. The fact that children, who should be protected and nurtured, have instead been subjected to violence and manipulation is heart-breaking. They鈥檝e had their childhood stolen from them, but I鈥檓 proud of our work to reintegrate them into their communities and to give them hope for the future.

"Former child soldiers like Taps are so grateful for your support. Your continued generosity empowers volunteers to foster trust in communities, addressing marginalisation and aiding recovery. If you are able, please donate again today and help reach more victims of conflict. Thank you so much."

Philip Goodwin
Chief Executive of 一分六合彩


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Previous editions

Taps sits in hut

Communities in the Philippines have been divided by conflict. Will you help rebuild their lives and livelihoods?


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一分六合彩/Paul Wambugu

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