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Why support 一分六合彩

Need help convincing people to contribute to your 一分六合彩 fundraising effort? Check out some of our case studies and videos to use at your fundraiser.

We believe fundraising should be fun. You'll have a great time organising your fundraising for 一分六合彩, and bring people together to create a fair world for everyone.

You don't have to jump through fire or swim the Atlantic to be a great fundraiser. All you have to do is something, and soon people will be queuing up to support you. So let's get started!

If you have any questions, please contact us on enquiry@vsoint.org. Thank you for your continued support of 一分六合彩. As a small charity with limited resources, we鈥檙e currently not able to provide direct support or materials for fundraisers.

Ideas and inspiration

Challenge events and sports

Safiya running the London Marathon.

Whether you鈥檙e a runner, cyclist, climber or just a plain daredevil, get your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you in a challenge event. From marathons and parachute jumps to sponsored walks, there鈥檚 challenge events to fit everybody鈥檚 ability. If your part of a sports team, try swapping your team鈥檚 strip for fancy dress and hold a novelty match to raise funds. Utilise tools such as or the to boost your fundraising efforts. You can even set up your own challenge event fundraiser .听

Social media fundraising

Social media is something that most of us are using every day, so why shouldn鈥檛 we use it for the power of good? Whether you鈥檙e on Facebook or Instagram, within the click of just a few buttons, you really can raise vital funds for 一分六合彩 projects across the world. The best part? It couldn鈥檛 be simpler. Below, we鈥檝e put together a step-by-step guide on the different ways you can use social media for your fundraising activities.听

Everyday Facebook fundraising聽鈥嬧

social media icons
  1. Make sure you鈥檙e logged into your Facebook account and visit:
  2. From here, click 鈥楽elect鈥 charity and search for 一分六合彩 or 一分六合彩.听
  3. Now it鈥檚 time to get creative and build your personal fundraising campaign. Start with how much you want to raise 鈥 the more the ambitious the better! Whether you want to donate 拢50 or 拢500, every little makes a difference.听
  4. Select your currency.听
  5. It鈥檚 time to set your end date 鈥 when do you want your fundraiser to end and the money to be sent to 一分六合彩? Make sure you give yourself enough time to drum up excitement around your fundraising activities.听
  6. This is your opportunity to get creative 鈥 pick a title that will capture the attention of all your friends on Facebook. The catchier the better 鈥 make it clear what you鈥檙e doing!聽
  7. For the next step, you will need to work on your description. This will automatically be generated for you, but feel free to edit and make it more personal.听

Birthday fundraising

Your birthday is the perfect way to do some extra fundraising throughout the year and is a great way to get your friends involved too. Instead of being flourished with gifts, ask your friends and family to donate to your cause instead.听

Clothes swaps and sales

Clothes swap

Do some good for the planet while also raising money for 一分六合彩. Sell some of your unwanted clothes on Vinted or eBay in the name of charity. You could also host a clothes swap and encourage people at your university, workplace or school to bring a bag of clothes, and have your own pop-up charity shop for the day! You could charge people via a weigh and pay, or just charge for entry to your shop. Any leftover items can be sold in a car boot sale 鈥 double whammy!

Give a talk to your local community

Ask your local church, rotary club, WI or Soroptimists if they will make a donation to your fundraising target, in exchange for you giving them a talk about the work that we do. Check out the videos and stories on our why support 一分六合彩 page, for help with your fundraising.听

Coffee morning聽

Bake some cakes, bring out the coffee beans and they will come. Remember to charge them for the privilege.

Hold a themed fancy dress day

fancy dress fundraising ideas

Everyone loves a dress up day! Why not take it one step further, by picking a theme and awarding a prize for the best outfit? There are plenty of significant and quirky days to mark everything from World Book Day to Puppy Day. Find one that resonates with you and use it as a theme for your fundraising.听

Community events: Fairs and sports days

Ask your head teacher, student union or boss if you can use a hall, a field or even a car park and let your imagination run wild. Go old school and set up a coconut shy, apple bobbing stand, egg-and-spoon race and a jumble sale.听

Host a film night

Stage a film screening. See if you can borrow a projector from your school or workplace, hang a sheet, choose your film, make some posters and away you go 鈥 provide popcorn and ice cream and ask people to pay a small amount to view a blockbuster. Why not choose a film based in one of the countries 一分六合彩 works in?聽

Talent showcase

Man playing guitar

Celebrate your friends' hidden talents by putting on a talent show, and charge a small donation for family and friends to come and watch or even perform via a livestream on Facebook or Instagram. Where you stage it is up to you - whether it's online, at school, down the pub or in your garden. You'll have a laugh and raise money at the same time!聽

Themed dinner party聽

Grab your pans and a few ingredients and prepare to tantalise tastebuds with a themed menu fundraiser. 聽Try your hands at making an Ethiopian injera, some Nigerian efo riro, some Nepalese momos or whatever is your favourite cuisine. Charge your guests a fee for the pleasure.听

Quiz night聽

a selection of cakes for sale - charity fundraiser

Fingers on buzzers, it鈥檚 time for a quiz! Get the competitive juices flowing and raise a chunk of money in the process by hosting a charity quiz. 聽

Bake sale聽

Victoria sponge, brownies, cupcakes and more! Bake sales always go down a treat. Add a competitive element by asking colleagues to bake their favourite sponge for the title of 鈥榮tar baker鈥. 聽聽


Gather some prizes from your friends, family or local businesses, and host a raffle. If you can find 10 prizes and charge 拢2 per ticket or 拢5 for three and you could easily make 拢150.

In memory giving

Two friends share a pot of tea
Lisa Marie David

That knowing look. That morning cup of tea. That 鈥榟ow are you, really?鈥 text. It鈥檚 those little moments that you miss so much when someone you love dies. And those memories will never be forgotten.听

You can honour your loved one鈥檚 memory by supporting 一分六合彩 and help make this world fair for everyone.

Give in their memory

Remember someone special by donating to 一分六合彩 in their name. We鈥檇 love to hear their story and what giving for them means to you. Simply donate using the donate button below聽and share their name.

And, if you鈥檇 like to share their story with us, you can do so by emailing Heidi & Rosie at legacies@vsoint.org

You can also use the online donation form to pay in a funeral collection.

Donate now

Let us know about your fundraiser聽

Whatever you end up doing, please let us know! Share photos or highlights from your event on social media with the hashtag #一分六合彩Fundraisers and tag 一分六合彩 using our handles below:聽

Need some help? Get in touch!

Thank you so much for choosing to fundraise for 一分六合彩! Your dedication to making a positive impact is truly inspiring. As a small charity with limited resources, we鈥檙e currently not able to provide direct support or materials for fundraisers. We hope you understand that this decision is down to capacity and resources, and certainly not a reflection of the wonderful efforts of people like you.

We love to hear about your fundraisers, so please do keep us up to date, and please know that you are making such a difference to the lives of so many.听

Contact us

Paying in funds

You can pay in the funds you've raised , by post or over the phone

How to pay in funds

Here at 一分六合彩 we support people every day with their fundraising, and we are always on hand to help: call us on 0208 780 7500 or email us at enquiry@vsoint.org.


The 一分六合彩 logo

If you would like to use the 一分六合彩 logo when promoting your event, please ensure that your event is advertised as 'event, in aid of 一分六合彩'

Using QR codes

A dynamic QR code is a great option for a quick and easy way for your guests to make a donation. With one quick scan, any guest at an event or individual can donate online, direct to 一分六合彩.

Practical support

Smiling child sits on step with tablet
一分六合彩/Halifax Trading

Why support 一分六合彩

Need help convincing people to contribute to your 一分六合彩 fundraising effort? Check out some of our case studies and videos to use at your fundraiser.

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Paying in funds

You can pay in funds online, by post or over the phone

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Leave a gift in memory

Remember a cherished family member or friend by making a gift that can change lives for generations to come.

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