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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

This page provides help with the most common questions about 一分六合彩.

How can I keep up to date with 一分六合彩 news?

You can stay up to date with the latest news, volunteer opportunities and stories from our work鈥痑cross Africa and Asia,鈥痸ia our听blog鈥痑nd鈥痵ocial media pages听(, , ) and by signing up to 一分六合彩s regular email newsletter.

How can I update my contact details?

Please call the Supporter Care Team on 020 8780 7500 or fill out our contact form with your previous and updated details and we鈥檒l be happy to make the changes you request.听

How can I remove my details from your mailing list?听

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link at the end of the email or if your prefer you can call the Supporter Care Team on 020 8780 7500 or fill out our contact form with your contact preference and we鈥檒l be happy to make the changes you request.

How can I donate to 一分六合彩?

There are several ways in鈥痺hich you鈥痗an support our work. If鈥痽ou would like to donate over the phone or set up a direct debit, then please give our Supporter Care Team a call on +44 (0)208 780 7500 and we would be happy to help you.

If you would prefer to donate online, you can do so via our website at

You can also donate via鈥痯ost by using our freepost address below:

145 London Road

Can I donate to a specific project or country?

In most cases, we're not able to send donations to specific countries or projects. This ensures donations are invested where the need is greatest. If you'd like to donate a larger gift to a specific project, please do get in touch with our Supporter Care team.

How is my donation spent?

Of every 拢1 donated to 一分六合彩, 87p goes directly to our projects around the world, with the remaining 13p being spent on governance, admin, and raising the next 拢1.

We aim to be as transparent as possible, so we publish our鈥annual report鈥痚very year which includes income and costs. You can also see just how far your donation goes and what we achieved with the lovely support of people like you.

How can I amend or cancel my donation?

Please call the Supporter Care Team on 020 8780 7500 or fill out our contact form听and we鈥檒l be happy to make the changes you request.

How can I request a reference or Confirmation of Service?

Please contact our Recruitment team who will be able to assist with your request. You can reach them at鈥

How can I partner with 一分六合彩?

Volunteer and partnership opportunities are initiated and developed by the country office in which the volunteer/partnership will be based. This means that you need to contact the 一分六合彩 office in your country directly to see if you can partner with 一分六合彩 and request a volunteer for your鈥痮rganisation, community, or project.鈥

You can find the contact details for our country offices here:鈥飞飞飞.惫蝉辞颈苍迟别谤苍补迟颈辞苍补濒.辞谤驳/辞耻谤-飞辞谤办/飞丑别谤别-飞别-飞辞谤办鈥

Who do I contact about a pension query?

The endowment plan is now managed by Phoenix Life.鈥痀ou can contact them on鈥0345鈥882 8121鈥痮r via email at鈥

To identify you, they may ask for your address at the time as well as your full name and date of birth.

How do I volunteer with 一分六合彩?

Check out our Volunteering FAQs听for the answers to all your questions about volunteering.

I鈥檝e had a visit or phone call from a 一分六合彩 fundraiser. Was this genuine?

We work with trusted fundraising agencies to raise vital funds on behalf of 一分六合彩. It鈥檚 always good to check if you have concerns. You can read more about our door to door fundraising听here听and our telephone fundraising听here.

If you have any questions or concerns about our fundraising, please听contact our Supporter Care Team.

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